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Life-Saving Statistics

Every Animal Matters

At CCAS we believe that every animal that comes to call our agency home, matters. We track all intakes and outcomes according to the nationally recognized standards. We know you care about the dogs that come here and what happens to them.

2017 Live Release Rate 91%

We adopted out 1493 dogs to new homes, returned 176 dogs to their owners, and transferred 184 dogs to partner agencies for placement. Therefore, more than 70% of the dogs that came into our care found new homes! It is important to note that CCAS does not euthanize for space. When our facility is at capacity, we engage our partners to help move out healthy, friendly, adoptable animals.

Our live release rate is calculated according to the ASPCA's calculation. To view our 2017 Life-saving statistics in more detail, click here. CCAS is also a participating member with Shelter Animals Count. You can view our regional data here.

2016 Life-Saving Data