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Lost & Found Services


Man reuniting with dogIf you have lost your dog here is some important information to help reunite you with your dog:

When Looking for Your Lost Dog:

  1. Tell the staff at the front desk that you are looking for your lost dog.
  2. Walk through the main kennel to see if your dog is here.
  3. If you do not see your dog in the main kennel ask to be escorted through the rest of the building to see if your dog is there.
  4. If you dog is not here:
    • Please ask to have the Lost and Found log checked on the computer
    • Post a notice on the Lost and Found board, and provide as many details as possible to identify your dog, and a picture if possible (notices are posted for 14 days – if your dog is still missing please ask to have the notice reposted.)
    • Post lost notices in your neighborhood
    • Call your city’s animal control office (Police Department and/or Service Department). The Deputy can provide this information.
    • Place an ad in The Plain Dealer (216-999-5555) and/or your Local newspaper.
    • Contact emergency clinics and veterinarian offices
    • Check our shelter at least every three days – you are the best person to identify your dog.

If Your Dog is Here:

  • You must provide proof of Ownership
  • Pictures
  • Vet Records
  • Any other verifiable proof of ownership
  • The following fees will apply:
  • Dog License (plus penalty if applicable), impound, housing and feeding, etc.
  • Housing and feeding fees will be added daily for the length of the dog’s stay
  • Cash or Check only

Other Places to Contact/Look for Your Dog

  • Cleveland APL- 1731 Willey Ave.- 216-771-4616- 77N to 90W, get off at West 14th exit, go 2Lights to Kenilworth, Turn Right on Kenilworth, Kenilworth becomes Willey.
  • Cleveland Kennels- 2690 West 7th- 216-664-3069- 77N to I490W, Exit 1B(West 7th), Turn Left on West 7th, Kennel is on the Right side.
  • Pepperidge Kennels- 7368 Oakhill- 440-232-2964
  • Critter Control- East Cleveland- 216-642-3044
  • Cleveland Zoo / Metropark Rangers
  • Mail Carrier