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Help a dog in need–be a foster parent!

FOSTERHelp a dog in need–be a foster parent!

Foster homes are needed to provide temporary housing for:

  • Dogs with medical issues who are being treated by the shelter’s Best Friends’ Medical Relief Fund
  • Moms with nursing litters or orphaned puppies less than 8 weeks old
  • Dogs who need a shelter break
    We have foster opportunities for clients who are looking for short term foster breaks (1 -2 weeks) or longer (puppies or even dogs going through Heartworm treatment).  

How do I get started?

To foster a Cuyahoga County shelter dog, email us at: Please include if you be be interested in a short term or longer term foster.  Kids?  Other pets in the home?  Rent?  Whatever information you think might be useful in helping find you a good match!